Teaching Compassion, Forgiveness and Love of Enemies!

Teaching Compassion, Forgiveness and Love of Enemies!

“Devastating deflation means evangelical and Catholic schools can barely pay teachers and keep classes open. Yet it’s cheaper than ever for the global church to support them.“ In this phrase the journalist Mr. Jayson Casper summarizes the situation of Lebanon’s Christian Schools, on “Christianity Today”.

He stresses on the fact that Christian Schools are full of Muslim students. And he gives the example of the National Evangelical School in Nabatieh (NESN) that graduated entirely Shiite Muslim on 2021. Yet with the ongoing economic, political and financial crises, Christian Schools struggles to keep up with their principles, culture and heritage. “We teach compassion, forgiveness, and love of enemies,” Principal Shadi El-Hajjar said, “but as culture and practice, not religion. This makes us unique, and draws people to the school.”

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