From California with love…

From California with love…

Photo: Neville family children and a friend from their Lemonade Stand fundraiser for OGHS.

Jacob Sherlock from his OGHS Garage Sale Fundraiser

We chose these photos for you of children selling fresh lemonade and unwanted items in the streets of Trabuco, California.

What do these children have in common?

Families at the Trabuco Presbyterian Church in California were given fish banks to save money to help families in Syria and Lebanon. Contributions would go to support the work of CPS in rebuilding homes that were damaged by the Beirut explosion, provide food, water, and fuel to those in need, as well as to establish a medical center.

Children from the church were so touched that they also contributed by raising money in their own creative ways. Expressions of love, no matter how small, can make a difference in people’s lives. We give thanks for these children who are learning about God’s compassion at such an early age and taking action to care for others.