CPS Beirut Hope Project

CPS Beirut Hope Project


“God bless and reward those who stand beside their brothers in times of need.”

Toufic Abi Aad
Victim of the Beirut Explosion

Project Summary

256 families were able to return to their homes after the Beirut Port explosion which occurred on August 4th, 2020 through the “Beirut Hope” project launched by CPS.  The CPS team reached out to the affected neighborhoods with the aim to help in the restoration and rebuilding of 1,000 homes through the distribution of bank vouchers.

With the help of our donors we helped some of the most vulnerable people in Beirut affected by the blast. This assistance came to the families at a time where many of them were already struggling to make ends meet in Lebanon’s collapsing economy. The explosion and the mental, emotional, and financial toll it brought with it was unbearable, and many families are still struggling till now months after to recover their losses.


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Importance of the Project

Subsequent to the massive explosion at the port of Beirut, Lebanese families are still struggling with reconstructing their houses. Many, already unable to make ends meet because of the country’s economic meltdown, now can’t bear the costs of making their homes livable. The Lebanese pound fell in value to the dollar, and banks locked down dollar accounts to prevent capital flight. Consequently, imports became limited and prices spiked. As such, citizens are struggling to secure material for repair – even persons of means cannot get hold of construction material as they cannot access their money in banks. Lebanon’s annual inflation rate surged to 89.74 % in June of 2020. This was a huge increase with respect to the previous month’s rate, 56.53 %, as a result of the escalating economic crisis and its collapsing currency amid the political crisis. With winter seasons, families affected by the blast are concerned that they might not have the resources nor the time to rebuild and repair their houses.